Creating an effective Instagram ad means understanding what images your audience responds to best. Discovering the perfect picture to illustrate your Instagram ad can be the difference between people clicking and ignoring your promotion. So what type of images should you be using for your Instagram ads?

1. Shots of People: Human faces are incredibly powerful and always draw attention. When creating an ad, always consider showcasing people who match your target audience. Brizy, a native ad platform company, found that they were able to increase their CTRs and CPMs significantly by using images that featured “real” people in the ad.

2. Eye-Catching Colors: Colors have a huge influence on how people perceive an ad. Bright, vibrant images tend to draw people in and can result in increased CTRs and CPMs. Try to focus on using colors that will draw attention and that relate to either your brand identity or the purpose of the ad.

3. Close-Ups: Close-up shots are great for engagement. They draw attention to the product or message, making them both more memorable and clickable. These images generally consist of close-up shots of faces, lifestyle shots, and products.

4. Engaging Videos: Video ads have been shown to be more engaging than static images. When creating a successful Instagram ad, try to focus on creating short, engaging videos with a powerful, emotive message.

5. Memorable Logos: Logos are a great way to build brand recognition and trust. Try to focus on placing the logo in the center of the ad, making sure it’s big enough for it to be seen and easily recognised.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to create an effective Instagram ad that will draw attention and engage your audience. Remember that the goal of every Instagram ad is to make people stop, look, and engage with your message.