Template Adjustment & Site Setup
35 The Studio

"Huge thanks to Matt and Tim for all your help, Would highly recommend these guys! Thanks again!"

Huge thanks to Matt and Tim for all your help in finishing off my website. These guys were recommended to me by a friend as I struggled to find a small local business that wouldn't charge the earth and would offer more of a personal service. Tim understood my vision and accommodated how particular I am. Would highly recommend these guys! Thanks again

Alex - Director

"Huge thanks to Matt and Tim for all your help, Would highly recommend these guys! Thanks again!"

Alex - Director

Wasn't as simple as they had made out.

35 The Studio had just purchased a nice looking template on the WordPress marketplace, but quickly realised there was more to the configuration than the template initially alluded to.

That is where MTG Digital come in! Alex approached us to configure the template properly and set it up so that it could be easily manipulated for future projects that 35 The Studio have completed and would like to display on the site.

How we helped bring the vision to life...

We had a call with Alex to understand EXACTLY how he wanted the site to look. The template offered different ‘options’ with the look and feel, but being a template, the options where very rigid when it came to the application. We quickly learned that Alex wanted some little adjustments to the themes code to make it right for him.

When we started the project, we asked Alex to supply us with all the imagery, that we scaled correctly and used the image format .webp to keep file sizes low, page speed fast all whilst ensuring we could use the best quality image (to display his wonderful work).

Finally, Alex provided us his logo and we noticed that the logo was not on a transparent background and very pixelated. When we asked for the original file of the logo (the design file), Alex didn’t happen to know where this was. So rather than delay the project at all, our design team hopped onto Adobe Illustrator and recreated his logos for him. Providing him with a beautiful version of his logo for the site, the logos for his social media, and the design files, incase he ever wanted to add the logo to business cards, leaflets or any other endeavour. We did this completely FOC as we wanted to ensure that Alex and the team at 35 The studio had no delay and received the very best service.

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