CRM Integration

Whether you are changing systems, implementing a system for the first time, or wanting to add functionality to other software or your website.

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Migrating into a new system

Often times companies will stick with their current CRM provider as they do not want to invest the time and the take the risk of data loss when changing their CRM, despite the current CRM no longer serving the business’ needs.

As a trusted partner of a few of the UK’s largest CRM providers; MTG Digital work with you to take the stress and the time out of the process. We liaise with the new and old software providers to ensure your data is correctly migrated over. We also will process map your new system for you, working on workflows, business groups and process structures.

This ensures the smooth transition, minimises risk and gives you the reassurance that the system will be set exactly how your business require.

Implementing a CRM for the first time

When undertaking this process you may be disillusioned by all the options out there. What system is best for you, should you have a tailored option, a bespoke option or simply an off the shelf plug and play CRM.

Our team can walk you through this process, find the best system for you and work with you to create process maps to ensure the system serves you!

Installing a CRM is an investment into your business to improve productivity and overall business management. However there are common pitfalls when integrating the system in to your teams day to day. We will work with you and your team to ensure the uptake and the upkeep of the system and ensure the investment was worthwhile.

Integrating your CRM with your website or other internal systems

Data input and administration creates issues for businesses, in time and risk. Whenever you are inputting/manipulating data you are risking errors and often investing a lot of time to complete these administration tasks.

When you integrate your site to your CRM, forms, pages or any inputs can be directly transferred into your CRM or system without any manual input.

an example of this, is your sales or support form on your website. rather than this coming into an inbox and someone then having to manually add it to a system/assign a user/contact the client, MTG can create a custom solution to ensure this information goes into your software and self allocates to the right user/team. Saving your business time and money.

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